Península de Llevant Placard 01

Welcome board to a natural park in Mallorca

Welcome to the local contest of Wiki Loves Earth in Andorra & Catalan areas. This is a photo competition on natural heritage for Wikipedia. It is organized in different countries around the world. Maybe you can find more detailed information in your language on the international website. Here we summarize the information for Andorra and three autonomous communities of Spain.


Targed sites to photograph are in lists in the Catalan Wikipedia and below there is a thematic index to help you to find them. Remember to upload your photos with the code you will find in the column Codi, or click on the blue plus button Edit add.

Natural areas, lakes or ponds, and main rivers
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Protected natural areas
Areas of geologic interest
Emblematic summits
Monumental trees and outstanding trees
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Balearic Islands
Natural areas
Singular trees
Beaches: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Minorca
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Land of Valencia
Natural areas by province
Microreserves of flora: Castelló, València, Alacant
Protected caves
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Natural areas
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Different local prizes are provided for best regional photos.


Awards sponsored by the Secretary of Environment of Generalitat de Catalunya and Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori.

  • Best photo will be awarded with XXXX
  • Prizes for seven regional areas: Alt Pirineu i Aran, Camp de Tarragona, Comarques Centrals, Comarques Gironines, Metropolità, Ponent, and Terres de l’Ebre.
    • First regional prize, with XXXX
    • Second and third regional prize XXXX

Furthermore, the region of Comarques Gironines will have an additional award sponsored by the Tourism Board of Costa Brava Girona. This prize is for 4 people stay in a hostel’s bed and breakfast plus an activity to choose from:



A selection of 10 photos of Andorra and Spain, as well as those from other participating countries, will enter the final round for an international prize.


This contest is organized by Amical Wikimedia and the Department of Planning and Sustainability of Generalitat de Catalunya. We will be pleased to answer any questions at comunicacio@wikimedia.cat.